Puzzle Adventure is a real puzzle with real adventure parts.

Quest asked neither pro level, such as "are seven potatoes to Gandolf."
Of course, you have to ask for this quest at Orc and must be requested in order that you move to the orc only.

Only then are the eingesammleten potatoes that you then can give Gandolf.

The movement takes place by bringing side by side two of the same fields. The two fields are mined and the denebenstehenden fields back into this direction. From the outside is filled. This cascade may arise. An Example: Clicking one. A left from the same field, and exchanges it with the field between the two fields of the same as you move now everything right field But are exchanged between the field with the left field so everything is moving to the left. You can move up or down to the right. The direction is indicated by an arrow.
Pudding is in the.

Some figures have to give something, others have quests for the player, still others have only questions, answers or comments.

The game world is divided into several rooms.