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A new version of the hogventure html5 javascript game and prototype editor.
2012-11-15 10:42:57 The beastly boars versions merger is coming,
soon, if it is not

I'd done a lot of experiments during the last 6 months on the hogventure editor.
After I'd decided to use the '' technology to synchronize data of
the same project with multiple users in different places, I've build a little

test application for metadata and chat only. Other prior apps had have
multiple services' login with facebook (broken), twitter and google(broken,
but updated), drawing tools with colors(abandoned, for better
work-file-images), local storage on the browser internal sandbox system,
indexedDB, websql(deprecated and not any more supported) and the browsers'
local-storage. The apps have drawn nice lines in the analytic overviews. The
first version had have a specific input paradigm.

But name it, the user-interface was to complicated to support the user's

Now I show you a blank page first with prompts. Those ask you what to do and
lead you through the different work spaces, that you might explore, while you
create a HTML5/javascript game. Your game. That is what the editor is for. It
will still come with an build in game-interpreter - 'the player' - for test purposes.

So here are the incomplete currently supported features-list:

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