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A Botany Bay for selfies or art in the context of new media.
2016-04-12 10:17:10 If you want to use social media in the context of art and museums|galleries, why the art is not using this kind of media instead?
Rembrand was not preppared for twitter, Leonardo not for facebook and even Picasso, Vasarely or Bridget Rieley not for Googleplus.
So don't get it wrong, but ancient Art was and still is social, though in a different context of media.
The landscape has changed.

Art shall be social again.
Art must connect to social media.

The 'Reactive Canvas' was my first approach.
Here is my second one:

The Botanic-Selfie-Stage.

Basically it is a room in your museum or gallery with an entrance, which might work as an exit, too, and a large opposite wall.
The wall will work as a display. Use a beamer or super large tft-display -> diagonal 3 meters+ , height over ground depends on,
if there is an exit 1.5 meters or not 2.1 meters (exit).
On this opposite side of the room there can be an optional exit, but not an entrance.
The audience aka observers must see the display when they enter the room.
The room is filled with mobile devices of different sizes.
The devices are mounted on poles each in a height of 1.8 to 2.4 meters
The mobiles are taking photos and videos of the entrance constantly.
The mobile devices work as bots and post their results to twitter, facebook, youtube and Googleplus or any other social network that can be automated.
Record the videos with or without sound.

At least one HD-action-cam is placed at the opposite wall in the room, watching the phones|tablets taking photos and videos.
This constant permanent video stream is shown on the wall-display and as a life-stream on youtube, twitch, etc.
The view height of the one camera shall be 1.65 meters If there are more than one cameras installed this shall vary between 1.5 meter minimum and 1.7 meters maximum.
You need a video mixer bot-program. Record the sound for the life-stream!

The light situation of the room is dimmed down like in a concert but not to dark. The audience must be able to move around.
The entrance forms a little stage, optional with (swinging) colored spot-lights. One or two colors are preferred.
It should be not be to wild.

The museum|gallery will collect all the data and publish it afterwards.

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