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/image/default.jpg was my tool of choice during the early development. It is a really cool online service and it make complicated stuff easy to develop. But now firebase announced it's pricing plans for the after beta period. Much to expensive to rely on this furthermore.
2013-02-07 16:28:06 I have to stabilize the source for the hogventure memoboard tool.
So I made the decision that I will rebuild this communication part based on
firebase with a nodejs server. I also have to update the current old fashioned
version of my server to a better one, so I can run a stable version of nodejs.

This will cost a 2500$ something a year, but the service will remain still free.
If you still ask yourself what a draft manager is good for, you should read this
article . Draft managers solve a
lot of if not all problems mentioned in the article. You also can create things
like this and far beyond, like interactive 3d spheres or puzzle
games or ...

The memoboard still contains a lot of glitches like 'not giving the right
feedback when you load/save online' or 'missing current invitations after the
login' and many more for sure. That's why I need your feedback.

Browsers that you should use Chrome latest and Firefox latest
Browsers that you should avoid: any older version of IE (9 and smaller),
older Firefoxes ( < 18 ), ...
You can use memoboard on your Android tablets with a Chrome beta and the Firefox
beta, too.

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