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Whoooo! That was a day. Officially the EVA-London is over with more to come tomorrow. Quite official. I also went to the Barbican Centre to take a fast 2 and a half hour look into the Lee Krasner exhibition till 9pm.
2019-07-11 21:10:04 Event two:soundcatart

johnathan weinel
virtual hallucinations

visualising music

vj stuff

based on sinus and cosinus functions
for movement and colours etc.

a lot work is done in forehand
and then in a kind of dj remix "again" to finalise the work

augmented reality paintings
kind of sketches related to the work

vj frames are integrated into paintings

into virtual reality

kind of fly through experience
digital dystopia (pattern usage)
recombine half painted backgrounds


Interactive Visual Music

synthesis between audio and visual - synaesthesia

non representational and non narrative

modernist approach
abstract animations (started 1920s)

effect by the sublime, gestures, to change how it is perceived and created and returned

-> turner assembling sculpture (by the artist)

Why poetry?

Transporting into notion something that is not notional is very difficult.

Using a poem and the voice acting of someone(not necessarily a actor) who reads the poem

ai detects the emotional states in the voice recordings (that's the data)
(main) reason why the language of the poem has to english
The emo-states the ai can detect: disgust, anger, fear, sadness, surprise, happy, neutral
male and female differs, counts, too

a lot of data is needed to train a neural network
accuracy match is close to 50%
much better than pure random (100/14)

artists finding:
the idea had way more crazy shapes, the final results are quite "common"


Riding Through Walls
a journey of physical computing through Google Street View

Dr. Megan L. Smith University of Regina / Canada

ride a bike in her studio through Canada in google street view

projections of images of the location she went through on the right hand side
in front the actual street view of the position

went along the Transcanada

average speed 19 km/h - is comfortable (+ good image refresh frame rate)

sync the experience with instagram, twitter, facebook

data graphs visualise the experience -> biking success, where, ...
6420 km biking 337 hours of physical engagement, 942 photos taken to represent the journey

patterns encountered:
the people
random thinks (like a helicopter on a car)
cliches (like a bag in the winter brise)
x-mas trees on the street
a glitch in google street view
system failures (gap in the data, falling down of a highway)
time travel (from 2015 to 2014 and suddenly one sees the mountains)
google street view captures reality with indifference
interaction with people - engagement of people with google-street-view-cars (stunts weaving)
strange things - death - angle appeared
moments of love

found a lot more of humanity than anticipated ( blurred images )

the social engagement was huge all over the internet
in the virtual experience

project is archived on youtube
James Bridle 'the new Aesthetics and its politics'
Marshall McLuhan

you can pedal through a lot of media like poems, etc


Return to nature: How media art heals

the narrow screen focus of attention

consciousness hacking
a service to humanity

maker of kinetical art-fair and artworks
what makes the artworks so engaging (where does this energy comes from?)

Stephen R Kellet
The Biophilia Hypothesis
Proximity to greenspace
'soft fascination'

Techno Biophilia
Sue Thomas

Technological nature
Peter H Kahn

Digital Forest
Mad Boyd and Nye Parry + Polly Dalton

oterworld hackney takes you out of this world into another one

are we experience nature second hand?

swimming with dolphins - a waterproofed vr mask
sensory reality pod - a therapy against dementia
be-box - not a other world - more going into inside your personal state
wavepaths space - mendel kaelen - therapeutic use
sensortech's sensora room


At the helm of the burning ship claude

vepstas 1997 millner?

the burning ship is a mandelbrot variation

KI Martin's SuperFractalThing
Laser blaster case analysis
Paudelbrot's glitch detection criterion

code generation can be automated

artistic aspects of where you want to zoom into


beyond the audience seat

last talk of the day talking about opera and recording for vr

implementation of new techs into the traditional opera


mimetic ...
diegetic ...
... qualities of staging

close you are part of the stage
you can move around
far away you see it as part of the audience or recording booth

the closer the louder the voice


Lee Krasner: "From time to time I come back to my little writings" - L.K. about her "little images".

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