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Tomorrow I'll fly to GDC 2013 in SF. Yesterday I finished the migration of the server.
2013-03-23 00:01:52 Please take a look to the right side.
Some links disappeared, some others are new and all are working now.

If you want and can, you donate now to help the project financially.

If you find a bug, please contact me via email.

On the top you find the link to the latest version of the cooperative online editor for story drafts and game prototypes.

The second link is the first version of draftercraft's mobile phones version. It should work on Android devices with 4.x in Firefox(beta) and latest Chrome.

In Hamburg it is snowing still. Keep the finger crossed.

See you in San Francisco.

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Eva London 2019 Thursday

Eva London 2019 Thursday

Whoooo! That was a day. Officially the EVA-London is over with more to come tomorrow. Quite official. I also went to the Barbican Centre to take a fast 2 and a half hour look into the Lee Krasner exhibition till 9pm.

Join the help

Join the help

If you build an application, one of the basic problems will getting the start \nup right. You should always imagine, what a untrained user is willing to do \nfirst.