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Some more rough notes
2015-03-05 07:06:12 text allows you to iterrate fast
6 games in 3 years and the later ones are the better ones
text is accessible,
versatile, create real epic games, you can experiment
easy to scale,

But, avoid to create a game that has nothing gamish in it.
Negative example Frankenstein 2012, by David S..

Choices 'It's all about choices' (Bob Bates)

change in Sorcery!

choices provide the pacing
and -> tention!
beat by beat structure
action response

can escalate
that's provides agency in the player's view
as long the player is persuade by the game that her choices has consequences.

inkle-games work on scene bases

the perfect number of options per choice is 3 (e)

problem scale

authoring format
text format is scanned quickly
plain text with the additional instructions.

other formats 'weave' and 'hub'


you have to get the player to the consequences of her choices.

at the time of
outcome? callback
choice? ui

maps prove branching

visible cause and effect
visible unexplored content
medium-term strategy
it's pretty flow chart for the player, not the author
create expectation of branching

resources layer
provide consequences
items can be worked in

if it is not dramatic it's your fault to fix it
resource ui contextualizes narrative


dynamic character in branching environments
no +/- model
tension model
no balancing required
game is 'scattered' with stat changes
self-stabilises: individual choices have less impact
all story outcomes are possible
pretty hard to communicate to the player
basically impossible to min-max

plot explosion

different routes to same result
shift the focus / sleight of hand
coerce the player
use another char
blatant clues
nested options so the forcing is hidden

ultimately, gamers likes explosions

from scene to story
build the story arch from scenes

text is boring (we as writer-players liked the map and wanted to go to the next destination)

the text shall be the heart of the game.
Self narrating board game.

Meaningful choices - the don't have to be big, not dramatic.
simple and stack remorselessly

branching do it, and prove it!

game below, story above
reflect the game state in the story

authoring formats should be for humans

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