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Where are the shoestrings to hang up myself? Rough notes
2015-03-05 07:02:47 clone versus origin

igf award, press - exposure
a good dilema

passion is a resource
pick something that you can actually finish

How do you prototype? What is you MVP?
a trerrifying experience
how to scale and polish the MVP
advice: stay with a easy clone that involves enough uniqueness?

parcitipate in LUDUM Dare... if you have the time, you should do this.

tools and technology

unity is used by more than 90%
C++, Cocos2d, coronaSDK, other ...

human factor
no or low budget games
what motivates you?
what motivates your team?

make the game right. Choose deadlines.

shared vision - helps, to work for no money
doing revenue share

it takes a lot of time to manage people from the outside no matter how talented they are.

show progress - before you put money in.

do not try to waste time on motivating people
find someone better
otherwise you demotivate other people
people have lives, this does not mean that they do not have passion

don't be afraid to ship.
Get your MVP out. I doubt that this 1.0 the MVP.
It's usually the 0.1.

Promoting your game - marketing.
Do Not Facebook advertising
Best marketing is for free - what ever this is.

Do not stick to game media. Find the right match.

Start 6 month before the release, Facebook is not good, Twitter is a little better.
A Kickstarter campaign is your best tool for marketing, no question if it is successful or not.

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