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My notes and some links to the youtube stream:
2018-04-09 12:20:35 The first half hour has bubble sound so from here the first two hours without introduction:

Tim Angerer
Amtsleiter Kultur und Medien F&HH

Alle Schulen alle mit Glasfaser bis in die Klassen - seht Schulen und Lerninhalte als Chancen für
neue Medien und Vermittlungsformen.

Dr.Jan Asmus
Filmförderung Hamburg S-Holstein

EU-Projekt.CREATE.CONVERT. Film und Games. Medien? Kunst?

Oliver Redlefs

Ralph Oliver Greaf
Greaf Rechtsanwälte (Veranstalter)
Christian Rauda (Moderator)

Christian Fonnesbech
Nordisk Filmgames

Build your IP for all Media

Film Book TV Comics Merch Events and other Franchises

six test for your IP
#1 Basic survival
already funded the game - still there are a million ways to die
tunnel vision vs long term view
The project isn't special - still inventing
#2 real potential
long term goal
do not reboot after each project
seperate creative from commercial
realistic budget
test your assumptions
contact woth audience
do not wait with business development
#3 stand out in the market
features do not sell the game
create experiences
what we want fear chagne selves
#4 World
a stage for many stories
strengths of each medium
#5 charakters to identify
#6 The sincerity of craftmanship
Real and true
do not mimick
NOT what can be effectifly market

even if you have all
you still have to have a big hit.

Respect crafts in original medium and new media
communicating across domains (hard stuff)
Do not try to win the room and do not let others
Very different
finance, develop distrubute
process on the top if each other

Finally it comes all down to the STORY.

The sincerity of craftmanship - how can they say they are not special?
Find a partner if you are a craftsman - the question business for artistic endevour?

Next media - You dont have to make it, concept it, it must be believable and then you may unfold it.


Michael Geidel
Produzent, MiriquidiFilm Leipzig

CaseStudy: RecordAlbum zum Book, Film und Gme zum VR-Game.

Swedish Jazzoo IP started as an jazz record for kids and later turned into a childrens book.
Now it is a film and a game. TV-serial now in the second season.
Original art is the music and the pictures (for the album and the book).

The expression of the world vision does not have to be a story arch - it might be a vision or sound.

Games had to find the mechanics which applied to the established IP/world/sound.
Free Games until Mondy! on apple and google play.


Stories are key for education.
A lots of VR games are currently develop for educational purpose.

Prefer own IPs or new fresh ones.


Case Study: Trüberbrook
Hans Böhme
btf GmbH

neo magazin royal games
BUT plus: experience with stop motion short movies
mix of old and new style adventure games
6 to 9 hours gameplay for all plattforms (PC,Mac,Consoles)
Mix between Heimatfilm and Scifi - similar TwinPeaks (USHomeland movie-MysteryThriller)
But it is an stop motion Game.
Limited settings and tell stories in that limited 'world'. Easy to understand.

Key takeaways:
Original settings / story /world / charakter.
Try to use workflows which are usually not used in games.


Case Studz> AR/game Graphic Novel "Der nasse Fisch" Carlsen Verlag

Brengt-Oliver Stellmann
Garlic Games Media

AR Erkennung tracking

Print Marker
Starke bindung an das Print Produckt
Tracker steuert Inhalt (UI)

AR-Kid or -Core

Nur flache Ebenenn
Spielerische freiheit
Bindung an ein physische Produkt

AR or VR? => MR! ... MX???
Comics und AR
das thema ist alt(z.B La Douce 2012) aber jetzt erst richtig nutzbar.

Print Marker / ermöglichen Animationen in Comics
oder Spiel-Level . aber Comic?

Problem - Eltern Kind Medien Beziehung (Comic ja - Computer nein)
Comicleser und Gamer sind eine relative homogene Zielgruppe

Author Volker Kutscher
Zeichner Arne Jisch
Die Story zur TV-Serie Babylon Berlin
Gleiche "Welt", gleicher -spielbarer- Hauptcharakter
aber eigene Storyline im Gegensatz zum Buch
Wimmelbild Adventure Mordfall
in V-AR - collectables.

Geschichte entwickelt zusammen der Redaktion im Verlag in Rücksprache mit dem Author und Zeichner.
Insbesondere um die Zielgruppe einzufangen, die nicht Hardcore Gamer sind (aber spielaffien).

Phänomen lamer Arm - level Länge kurz 5 bis 15 Minuten bei einer Gesamtspielzeit von 2-3 Stunden.
Immer noch ein erklärungsbedürftiges Produkt
Marketing durch zeitgleich mit Free-TV Premiere, Rerelease des (Comic-)Buches


Petra Monheim
Goodbye Kansas Germany/Studios
GK Game Invest
Infinite Entertainment

Extraordinary Visual Storytelling and NOT Effects

> Commercials zu Spielen conversion of a studio (Creature Generation - Charakter Visualation)
Concept Art
Trailer Trailer Trailer (aka Reels)
Motion Capture for trailer movies of games and in-game assets.

Movie Assets VFX zu Game Trailer Assets zu Game Assets.
Gleiche Production Pipe - Conversion Scaling
Facial Expressions for animations.

GbK ist die Zwischenschicht im Spiele und Fildbereich / visual and investment wise

Riskfriendly Management
Tech Know How

The right vision/mission.


Niklas Wilke
PriceWater House (pwc)

The Future of Gaming and Movies

Maker of 'global entertainment media outlook' GEMO
the next big waves esports small (Germany 300Mio with a groth rate of 22.7%) and "vr" not even small (no growth rate)
compared to games (Germany g-rate 7.5% with a base of 3.2Bil)
but social games are the driver with the biggest growth-rate and return of (low) invest aka APPs

Technique is not the driver. It is the content.

ESports drives an advertising brands sympathy -> Wüstenrot
ESports and movies? TV commedy serial "Good Game" youtube RED (Nerd culture?)

Knowing what drives fandom and who your really fans are
Extend franchise into experiences
selling fans whatever they may be (loyalty)
alining operations to fan value - invest in what makes a difference for fans
building direct to consumer destinations (besides Facebook Twitter etc,) [like Flagship (stores) exclusive content]

Fans are only 80% of a brands value

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METAVERSE IMAGINARIES-Tokenomics-A New Economy of Art

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In 8 months is XMas

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