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The IGDA Chapter Hamburg quarterly meeting
is at the IBM building, Beim Strohhause 17, U Berliner Tor. The date is the
07.02.2013, 7pm (19o'clock). Do not be late and tell your friends.
2013-01-24 16:31:23 I also made some bug fixes today for the game editor
memo board.
I use SSL
now, so your data and ideas are safer now. Please use to access the tool.

The HTML5 tool should
work on android devices (tablets) with android 4.0.x and better in following
browsers: chrome mobile beta and firefox 18.x.

Happy testing

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A Botany Bay for selfies or art in the context of new media.

Some more 
basics about the Hogventure Editor

Some more basics about the Hogventure Editor

Hogventure is a simple editor for any kind
of storytelling games such as hidden object games, adventure games or other
dialog based ones. It runs on any modern browser because it is written in HTML5
and javascript.