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I've uploaded a little update for the memo-board. You can \nset and edit the titles of the memos now.
2013-01-17 18:02:06 Unluckily the title of the memo is \nnot shown on the board and not in the game.
It will be done in one of the \nnet updates.
I've fixed also some hidden bugs and glitches in the \nimplementation.
The project title will be stored in the textmanager, \ntoo.

You can test the memo-board \nhere:
[b\nr]You can \nread more about the memo-board tool and how you can use it.

If you \nhave a better name for the tool, please send me an email with your \nsuggestion(s).
Thanks and have fun.

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In loose order

In loose order

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Java Adventure \nFramework downloads

Java Adventure \nFramework downloads

downloads - java applications for the adventure framework \nall alpha or beta versions!