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I never planed to reduce stuff, but now I did it.
2013-01-15 16:40:26 I
did not reduced the stuff of people that work on the editor, because that's me.
I reduced the stuff I'm working on. I recently changed the datamodel of the
slideshow with slides, dialogs, objects, plugins, and text plus the second path
of notes to a super simple datamodel of memos. I love the kiss paradigm. Keep it
simple, stupid!
If you can change it, change - no conflict!

So a brand
new version of the hogventure-game-editor is online. It needs some serious bug
I need your help, for the debugging.
Here is the new version of
the editor called

Hogventure Game Editor

You may want to work offline first, before you want to
If you work offline you can create two types of memos(notes) simple
text and javascript plugins.
i've also build in a very basic raw memo board
tester - a sort of mini game engine.
Before you save the project board, you
should set the preferences of your board. Right now you enter the title.
you have saved, you should reload the webpage and than load your project. That
is the first test case.

Feel free to register yourself and login now. Try
to save the project online, reload the webpage, please, and load the project
online. Now try to make several changes and save them online again. Reload or
close the browser and reopen the webpage again. You should be able to load the
project without a login and see the board without any changes - after the login
loading online must make the changes visible. Those are step two, three and four
for the testing.

Please use only the latest version of the chrome browser
(24?) or the latest version of the firefox (18+) to avoid unforeseen

The next steps will be introducing titles for each single memo, a
short one. Also I like to build in an invite procedure. With that feature you
might try working in a team of friends. Next step before this must be checking
the lock of the memo - can you edit the memo?

Happy testing.

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New layout for 
the hogventure homepage

New layout for the hogventure homepage

As you see the hogventurepage has a new layout. Now
it addopted the look and feel of the gameplayer for the adventure games. For
that reason the right navigation bar is empty for future features.