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Some brief ideas
2010-07-28 12:32:44 Interactive Stories
A \nstorytelling system of read (listen), act and react
A decission \nengine
Interactive Stories are "choose your own ending" stories started by an \nAuthor and continued by any member that wishes to participate.

How to \nwrite Interactive Stories?

Blank text, including pictures or the \ninfluence of different media.

The basic game mediacomponents: \ntext, image, music, (3d), environment
Why not videos? The simple \nanswer: because it is a mixed media already.
Why is 3d in braces? \nBecause 3d is a mixure of the blank imaging process and an environmental build \nsystem.
story environment = story world|uniserse? Yes, but story \nenvironment != story world|uniserse
That's because the environment \nis a storytelleng device in a concrete way. It does tell the story. A world is \nonly a container.

Environmental Storytelling: The problem of
\nLudwig Mies van der Rohe "Lake Shore Drive Apartments"
\nRandy's Donuts is a landmark building in Inglewood, California
The \nDonut Hole is a bakery and landmark in La Puente, California

The \nbeing inside a story versus the outside story (landmarking | general markup \nstrategy)

Input types for interactive media/story
Selection, \npoint'n'click, text parser

"You tell a story" stories
a \n(linear) multiplayer aproach of an interactive story
Which is pretty much \nlike a wikisystem

Puzzle and Riddles!?

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