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If you build an application, one of the basic problems will getting the start \nup right. You should always imagine, what a untrained user is willing to do \nfirst.
2012-07-13 09:14:25 If you build an application, one of the basic problems will getting \r\nthe start up
right. You should always imagine, what a untrained user is \r\nwilling to do first.
Maybe he won't login, although this seems to be \r\nnecessary for an online
application. Here is the simple solution, make it \r\npossible to work offline,

*a simple solution that is not so \r\nsimple by the way.

The problem of the right 'start up' process is \r\ncaused by your evil knowledge
about what a user should be able to do with \r\nthis application. So you know how to
organize the application, input of \r\ntitle here, preferences, metadata, chat,
teammates, overview, gloabal \r\nanlyzation, test environment, painting tool for
backgrounds, objects, \r\nanimations - an endless list for somebody who is new.

You should give him \r\nhelp. That is why you integrated the help button. Seriously
writing the help \r\nis part of the documentation. Never forget, you must start the
documentation \r\nprocess before you start the coding process. The first lines of
you code \r\nshould be documentation commentary. Don't care about the licence or
other \r\nstupid questions. You see, this is another start up problem, isn't \r\nit?

Don't be shy to rewrite your code and reuse it over and over again. \r\nReuse the
doumentation and fix it over and over. Try to explain what to do \r\nfirst and why.
This will answer most of the questions a user may have. \r\n
And for your own sacrifice/saints, this will help you to detect bugs and \r\n
misstakes and provide the better code.**

**Over 70% of code should be \r\ncomentary documentation. Over 80% of a project like
a game is documentation. \r\nIn anyway this includes the production of music, art,
graphic assets, code, \r\ncommuniction, the plan. A good plan helps you to build a
good \r\nbusiness.

Instead of starting with two buttons like 'login' and \r\n'offline', your
application should start with a sentence like:
Hello user!

Choose to
'create an offline \r\nproject'
\r\nto start building a new game.

A nice welcome message gives trust and makes the user feel \r\ncomfortable.

So don't be shy join the help and create a path for the new \r\nbeginners.

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