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Pre-announcement for a kickstarter campaign to fund my submission and application to atl.ctrl.GDC 2015.
2015-10-16 20:54:23 A syn-aesthetic experimental art and game project.

So what is this all about?

We experience syn-aesthetics every day. People do speak while you see, you listen to music while you walk and while you walk you keep yourself in balance and react to the surface of the ground. Syn-aesthetic is deep. Commonly we ignore it.

Games are multimedia. The combine visual and sound, speech and reading, communicate, ..., for short a lot of mindful things.

But they lack natural look and feel. They do not smell or taste.
You do not need to balance, get in touch, act.
This is what is "Break In the Frame" is about.

Fearful hoping for fulfillment

While I'm started the project, I develop the fear of
this is going to be all to much.

Developing an reative canvas device would be enough, but
I should also build one. And if I have build one why not at least
two. So I could do a demo. And where is the best place for that?
At the GDC in San Francisco attending ALT.CTRL.GDC will be perfectly
fine, really!

A reactive canvas is a hard- and software project.
It is a classic canvas in a square format with the minimal height of 4 cm.
In combination with the relatively new technologies, emitting light, sound,
communicating via WIFI, measuring distance with Bluetooth and position data
with an internal compass and a g-sensor this canvas can react on the handling
of active audience.
In short the canvas is a wrapper for an android tablet pc.

But the main goal still remains:
combining abstract art with modern technology
to create a richer experience for the observer.
Let the spectator be a reactor instead.
Because art in any way always means recreation of the art of someone else in your mind.

The best way to achieve this is a game so far as I know it.

The deadline shall be ATL.CTRL.GDC 2016.
This is prat of the submission for the "ALT.CTRL.GDC 2016 SHOWCASE".

Advance notice, the preview link:

Let it be a good omen, please!

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Information \nabout me and contact data.

Information \nabout me and contact data.

About me and contact info: