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It's done - the title is visible and so the TEST \nlicence.
2013-01-23 16:22:42 Oh, and I almost forgotten, you can invite your friends to cooperate \non your board and project now!
All you have to know is your friend's email \naddress and maybe a good story, why you invite herhim.

Here is the test \nlicences, so you don't get shocked:

Test Agreement \n'Hogventure-Game-Editor'

The test version of \n'Hogventure-Game-Editor' is inevitable to contain bugs, which may have a \ndetrimental effect on the browser stability.
Make sure you are aware of the \nrisks and willing to accept them in order to help us improve \n'Hogventure-Game-Editor'.

No personal data will be collected or \nrevealed without your consent. I will only use Google Analytics to collect error \nreports and some other common data. The estimated duration of this test test is \n3-6 months. After the test, your account information and relevent data in the \nsystem might be all cleaned up, or not.

If you use this software \nfurthermore, you accept the agreement.
Thanks for your kind \nhelp.

Some things are still missing:

Password request is still \nleading to nowhere. Please do not forget you password.
Maybe bugs in \nplugin/game-test. Do not use or overwrite window or document in your \nscript!
A help file and better \ndocumentation.

But feel \nfree to test and invite your friends, \ntoo.

bug hunters are invited

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Wilfredo Lam in the Tate

Wilfredo Lam in the Tate

I know looking at pictures has some influence on ones state of mind. Because pictures are looking back.

Challenge accepted, challenge accomplished

Challenge accepted, challenge accomplished

Bush like presidental style