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An art and techniques conference in hamburg May-31 and June-01 2018 - May 31 - The first two hours
2018-06-05 18:38:25 Tech has/means two options: good or bad?
tech is human made.

mind the progress - aka mind the gap
content - technology - distribution - creativity - immaterial

digital disruption - saturation - ... needs strategy - but Mannesmann or Kodak
once global leaders of the digital evolution, structurally new and old companies, now gone.
see sun, Microsoft results in apple
society/ies needs global rules.
society driven digital rules, framesets

no answers, permanent questions please.
Old media never vanishes completely - they may shrink or change their appearance.

no cultural positivism or negativism
tech will change, we will be different.

Creativity and Digital Transformation
: Sascha Friesike
Challenges in Evolution

technology does not contain the final solution
tech does not determine the outcome

routines get digital
creativity -> combine knowledge in a new way.
burstiness - coherent working on inspiration
not good at the finalisation

soft room versus hard room.
is good for learning
advantage i have an early/ier success
inspiration by the sources.
affirmation - typical human - observable in the digital culture
inspiration gets conformer Mathias-Effect

Hamburger problem . it s not a schnitzel or a pizza and the pizz-burger is not an hotdog
additive creativity
but there is also subtractive creativity.(Take something away)

Artificial intelligence will replace creativity - not really.

Transparency creates more visibility, but there is a sweet-spot instead.
Knowledge is available everywhere. But we do create more and more and we do miss the context almost anytime.
The expert gets more important, because we have less experts for more fields of knowledge.
Paradox of choice. We have all individual preferences.

Nothing is clear or if it is clear we pretend to ignore this knowledge.
There is no optimum.

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