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Here is a new layout for the webpage with no new technical stuff and some contents (re)moved. New things will happen 02/14/2014. I hope you will love them.
2014-02-09 00:02:37 Because next Friday is Valentine's Day, I will open the alpha of my new game.
It is a love game called All Men Are Pigs.

Some tests on different devices and browsers
The image shows the disco location test on different devices and browsers.

The new game will have different locations, an main character and a storyline.

Also it should run on different platform from Windows 8 to browsers like Chrome, Firefox to IE 11,
on WP 8 Phone and Android Tablets. It may also run on IOS and not only MacOs.

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The Kickstarter campaign

The Kickstarter campaign "Break In The Frame" online

Get yourself an art catalog or an reactive canvas. Send me to San Francisco and let me participate alt.ctrl.GDC.

New layout for 
the hogventure homepage

New layout for the hogventure homepage

As you see the hogventurepage has a new layout. Now
it addopted the look and feel of the gameplayer for the adventure games. For
that reason the right navigation bar is empty for future features.