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Burning the tools you may or may not need. Which means draft and textfire will have to wait until I'm done with this:
2013-07-17 00:58:49 The helpful tools you really do need.
UIDCounter - manage unique identifiers for all of your objects.
TextManager - useful because you want to translate things sooner than later if not now.
Mediamanager - your local images, audios and videos internationalized.
Both managers depend on the existence of an UIDCounter and deliver languages - TextLanguages and MediaLanguages.

Instead of 'Love The Game' I will use the same underlying mechanics for a smaller subset game: 'Eventmanager'.

No.1 main problem to solve:
figure out if some groups are blocked and unblock those groups by changing the interest.
The illustrates the peoples' change of interest during an event - evening.
Second major problem: keep the player in the track of flow.
Make herim understand how to move the actors and why she has to comfort other people, virtual ones,
to feel satisfied on heris own.

'Eventmanager' needs a better name for sure.
¿Something like Maniac Eve?
¿Isles of Interests?
¿Eve's Bar?
I don't know. What do you think?

By the way it is easy to solve the gender diversity issues in the English language. First - you do not have to care
about gender specific endings or prefixes. Any subject or object is neutral by default. The word he is
gently contained in she - so it should always be she with a little accent on the h of she if you speak the word.
Herim and heris sound quite better than hiser and himer and as we predefined she as the for all gender purposes,
it is logical, too, indeed.

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