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GDC 2015 will start soon. For the first time I will be an IGDA volunteering minion.
2015-02-27 14:10:34 1. IGDA Volunteering Minions schedule reviewed
2. Luggage packed
3. Mind disordered (halfway through)
4. GDC schedule reviewed (never finished)
5. Printed out Invites, event-tickets, ESTA-confirmation, fight-tickets

Made a list - that's what I'm doing

6. Ordered Supershuttle online (done including confirmation email)
7.Boarding Pass Hm. SAS. Not realy cool.

Already done before - ordering vegetarian meals for the flight. Also not cool, SAS. Hiding THE needed information (aka phone# numbers) is so typical for airlines. Just you have to tell your passenger the uncomfortableness of travelling with you, right - Indeed?

If you are curios about earthquakes look at:

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How to solve the title issue? Back from London

How to solve the title issue? Back from London

Communicating or communicative issues or communicat(ing/ive) li(v/f)e issues - well today I've issues with the title. I'm back from London and had a nice tête-à-tête within the Tates, the Gallery and the Modern.

Challenge accepted, challenge accomplished

Challenge accepted, challenge accomplished

Bush like presidental style