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GDC 2015 will start soon. For the first time I will be an IGDA volunteering minion.
2015-02-27 14:10:34 1. IGDA Volunteering Minions schedule reviewed
2. Luggage packed
3. Mind disordered (halfway through)
4. GDC schedule reviewed (never finished)
5. Printed out Invites, event-tickets, ESTA-confirmation, fight-tickets

Made a list - that's what I'm doing

6. Ordered Supershuttle online (done including confirmation email)
7.Boarding Pass Hm. SAS. Not realy cool.

Already done before - ordering vegetarian meals for the flight. Also not cool, SAS. Hiding THE needed information (aka phone# numbers) is so typical for airlines. Just you have to tell your passenger the uncomfortableness of travelling with you, right - Indeed?

If you are curios about earthquakes look at:

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METAVERSE IMAGINARIES-Tokenomics-A New Economy of Art

METAVERSE IMAGINARIES-Tokenomics-A New Economy of Art

METAVERSE IMAGINARIES -Tokenomics: A New Economy of Art, part3 just my sketchy protocol

The Kickstarter campaign

The Kickstarter campaign "Break In The Frame" online

Get yourself an art catalog or an reactive canvas. Send me to San Francisco and let me participate alt.ctrl.GDC.