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My (not so) stupid, simple ideas about programming and maybe other stuff if you like to replace programming with something else.
2017-11-21 16:31:55 2017-02-22 14:27:11
-programming is self programming

one shall not forget to manage oneself
what one has done when is a valuable resource to remember
and helps to get out patches and enhancements in a predictable
amount | size of impact. Something might go wrong - one shall not
let it spread around into unforesee(n/able) places of ones code.

-programming is 70% of documentation

code does not speak for itself
it is and will not be linear
there will be a server client side
service, business, in- and output
graphical model logical whatever so side
people will have to support ones code 50 years later one
has gone away. One does not write for yesterday,
everyone writes for the future

-programming is for the joy of the user

even or especially if it is for work purpose only
code is written, programming is done for the benefit
of a customer - not for the programmers ass.
documentation is step zero of the help file.
it helps the programmer to predict issues and obstacles
in the handling of the software

-programming is for life

one shall do ones best job possible, because
it is all about money, without money one will
starve, get ill and die. But if it is for one joy
because one would like to learn, one may ask what one
would like to learn, the shit or the good stuff?
Everyone makes mistakes sometimes, but it is a very
damn good theory and practice, to learn how to avoid, manage
and fix them.

Last put not least: KISS - keep it simple, stupid - and do not forget to
go home and enjoy life.

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Oops, have I done it again?

Oops, have I done it again?

Here is a new layout for the webpage with no new technical stuff and some contents (re)moved. New things will happen 02/14/2014. I hope you will love them.