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Hogventure is a simple editor for any kind
of storytelling games such as hidden object games, adventure games or other
dialog based ones. It runs on any modern browser because it is written in HTML5
and javascript.
2012-06-07 09:27:52 The goal of this editor application is to enable you to
create a storytelling game. You can cooperate with your friends online on the
same project even if you and your friends are not in the same location, but in
the same space - the Internet.

The data is stored in JSON files, which
you can import to other technologies like standalone programs written in C/C++,
Java or Flash. A html/javascript-based player is provided with the editor. This
player can be embedded into your own web page.

Here is a simple picture
of how the player structure looks

The basic raw model is a simple adventure-game, a game
based on text portions. You may use these portions as descriptions of characters
and situations, dialogs or use texts as selections. The game that you will
create can be a branching one. In the next step you may add background-images,
sounds and music or objects.

If you want to analyze your game to avoid
death ends or other mistakes, use the test tool, that is build in player, and
the overviews.
To extend the possibilities of the gaming engine you can use
HTML for texts or you may program your own plug ins in javascript.

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