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Some experiences with the webVR technique After some experiments finally I am leaving the stage of evaluation and I'm starting to develope.
2016-09-11 17:42:30 Yet I have to say the current stage of web and virtual reality is a compromise. It is in an early stage still. For this it is satisfying. For itself it could be better. The are many small obstacles one has to live with or find a workaround.
Light is such a problem.It is so expensive. That's why I prefer to use the trick of changing the material "background" color behind a texture. Nice effect, not natural, but imaginable.
On the other hand in webVR light falls through walls.
That is strange behavior. A good reason not to use light beyond the standards.

By the way I have started a new webpage-project. The V-R Gallery is right now a show case of real existing London based galleries. Later on I hope to develop a gallery for web-based art.

A virtual space for internet documents of art ... the art of documents?

The gallery collection shall remain and I hope I can present natural real art exhibitions inside those galleries as an archive of "documents of arts" happened.

One of the "galleries" I hope to implement is "Chamber 13" in its auto-play version.
Here you can see the 2d version, a javascript reconstruction of an originally written in Java explorative happiness game.

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