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The adventurous journey developing a cooperative online game editor continues.
2013-01-25 16:42:16 I fixed the bug that appeared after the registration. The 'login' form pointed to the registration after being
registered. Now it shows the 'login' button. So once you registered yourself, just log in.
I've broken this, when I implemented SSL. Sorry.

The request 'new password ' (forgot password) is still incomplete. It will come
during this weekend or next week. Probably more important you can not delete
links from memos. I hope I can do that soon. Also I want to record an video
of what you can do right now.This version of the tool shows already the
media manager capabilities. You can (not) upload images - png and jpeg - and
audios - mp3 and ogg. This is an incomplete feature, DANGER! Please do
not use any data larger than 1MB. Saving offline (local save) may fall,
but you should do use this function before you save online.TIP: you have to do
this always, if you finish a session.

Happy testing with the
Game Editor for Writers and Game Designers.

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Eva London 2019 Thursday

Eva London 2019 Thursday

Whoooo! That was a day. Officially the EVA-London is over with more to come tomorrow. Quite official. I also went to the Barbican Centre to take a fast 2 and a half hour look into the Lee Krasner exhibition till 9pm.

The Kickstarter campaign

The Kickstarter campaign "Break In The Frame" online

Get yourself an art catalog or an reactive canvas. Send me to San Francisco and let me participate alt.ctrl.GDC.