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With whom you will catch up two day tomato?
2016-12-05 19:37:30 A cube is build from 6 squares, 4 walls, bottom, top, but this is the virtual world now. We can present new experiences.

The web is about information. It's a network, too. It is indeed a space.
It has history or her story. It's part of our story.
You can imagine.

3d technology has 4 dimensions: left-right, top-down, for-back-ward - like the cube -
don't forget time. It is an image technology. It is movement.

I avoid the ands here, those little creepy crawling ants.

In virtual reality, it should be possible that the inside is bigger than the outside.
One should be able to walk on a wall like a spider on Mars.
Two should have a conversation.
The third conservates while we join the forthcoming story of the past.

It is like a book written in a book.

According to some physics, the nature is build by small units.
The smallest of them is the mem, the information particle.
It is so small, you can not tear it apart. It is even so small, it is part of nothing.
The amount of information in the universe is constant. No information can get lost.
The amount of information of any object is equal to its surface.

If a black hole dumps a planet, the black hole grows. The growth of its
surface equals the information of the planet. No information is lost.

If we forget things, we dump those to lore. We drop those things to ground.
We change landscapes. It is a reflection of memories.

If a book is opened, it doubles almost its surface. It is unfolding narrative.

A book is a written story. It is made out of layers of paper sheets.
Reading the story of the book delivers a new horizon.
On larger scales even our culture landscape is a book of history.
The stories, those we know, those we remember, those we have forgotten are
written into the land. It has a horizon.
The black hole has a horizon. The event horizon.

The quantity may change or not, though nothing has been told about the quality.

I am currently building a new version for the VR-representation of the
I call it crossfade for the moment.
It is a cube in a cube unboxing new rooms. The main problem was the transition from
one room to the next as the inner space is bigger than the outer one.
This transition is an unfolding event like opening a book.

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