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...but can you see it? No, sorry ,it is in the code. I'm proud to introduce to you : 'types'.
2013-01-29 17:59:15 Types make inner structure much
better. A normal memo can have the type 'text', 'audio' or 'image'.
A memo of the type 'plugin' is interpreted as a javascript. So now you can
program, write, compose and use your drawings.

Here is a the source for a simple plugin:

\r\n/* \r\nplugin that shows all memos */\r\nconsole.log('this plugin -> '+uid);\r\n//the width of the memos retangles is also their height\r\nvar w = screenwidth / 10;\r\n//now we gather all memos of the game\r\nvar memos = game.getAllMemos();\r\nconsole.log('memos 
length = '+memos.length);\r\n//set the context's color styles \r\ncontext.fillStyle = '#ff6';\r\ncontext.strokeStyle = '#ff6';\r\nfor (var
i = 0; i < memos.length; i++) {\r\n//now we draw all memos \r\ncontext.strokeRect(10 + (i%5)*(w+10),10 + (i%4)*(w+10),w, w);
context.fillText(memos.uid, 10 + (i%5)*(w+10),30 + (i%4)*(w+10));\r\n}\r\ncontext.stroke();\r\ncontext.fill();\r\nupdate = true;\r\n

By the way the board has a new background image.

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Progamming Manifest

Progamming Manifest

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In 8 months is XMas

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