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The HOGventure HTML adventure editor
2012-06-04 15:49:53 The
first alpha of the HOGventure online adventure editor tool.
Currently the
editor implements local storage, dialog editing, adding objects and drawing a
simple background.
There is still missing a lot like save images, create
different slides, remove and edit objects, plugins, online-storage, publishing

The current stable version is B1.34.111208.117 new:
welcome anorexic
g]" width="530" height="" style="border:0px;" />
]stable alpha
first milstone reached
advanced but not final data model
introducing bag in game test
split development between alpha stable and
nightly build
♥ YOU should USE google CHROME indeed
Stable: anorexic

Nightly build: You may try the
latest build

This is a small presentation how the tool should look

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