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Match two plus n puzzles as a story telling device. Combination puzzles beyond puzzle adventure. Part one - raw sketches.
2015-07-08 19:16:53 Here you can play my first prototype for 'puzzle adventure':

So puzzle adventure is a match 2 game, where you combine 2 matching colors to move a player object ahead. It's a more an RPG than an adventure because the 'story' is told via simple quests. A task like collect 3 red to do whatever.

Let a little piece of code talk to you:

combination games are a match 2(+n) to make a valid statement
which shell cause a reaction
red and blue -> violet object
blue and red -> 'you are mad' (because it is a rime)
blue and green -> 'never seen'
green and green -> a green 2 object
var game = {};
game.objects = [];
game.combinations = [];
game.init = function() {
//initialize game
game.objects = [];
game.combinations = [];
}; = function() {
//store json to localstorage for example
return JSON.stringify(this);
game.load = function(json) {
//load the json (file, localstorage etc.)
//json = JSON.parse(json);
game.combine = function(a, b) {
//if a b is a valid combination ->cut [bread] with [knife]
//if a b is not b a is -> you can not cut the [knife] with a [bread]
//if a b && b a is not
game.getObject = function(ref) {
for (var i = 0; i < game.objects.length; i++) {
if (game.objects.ref == ref) {
return game.objects;
return null;
game.hint = function(ref) {
var obj = game.getObject(ref);
function GameCombination(a,b,callAction) {
this.a = a;
this.b = b;
this.callAction = callAction;
this.isValid = function(a, b) {
return (this.a == a && this.b == b);
this.isInvertedValid = function(a, b) {
return (this.a == b && this.b == a);
this.isPartialValid = function(a, b) {
if (this.a == a) {
return true;
} else if (this.b == b) {
return true;
return false;
function GameObject(ref) {
this.ref = ref; = name;

Rainbow horses are hard to ride. They are not easy to find. It's easier to find an rainbow unicorn. Just wait Github to fail again. But rainbow horses represent a two word combination. Like eye legs.
This might be translated to I walk. So what is rainbow horses standing for? Ride your fantasy?
Well that is a good start for story telling. But also a rainbow contains many colors, many choices, like the horses. Which horse may you pick for a ride?

Combinations can be unclear and insignificant.
Make sure that your combination puzzles are pregnant, meaningful or funny at least.

Otherwise you will and up with a sentence like this.(head picture)
I(eye)['m] going(legs) to(2) kill(sward) you(U - underground sign)!
Cheese(cheese) or(v - mathematical or sign) bacon(bacon) sandwich(sandwich)?

Because we all know the Underground is a subway and subway is selling sandwiches worldwide.

In the next blog post I will explain the difference between 'Puzzle Adventure', 'All Men Are Pigs', 'Hurry or you will loose your job'(an unpublished new game) and this code snippet above.

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