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2007-06-21 19:54:03 METAVERSE IMAGINARIES-Tokenomics-A New Economy of Art2022-01-28 23:38:45SMARTER CONTRACTS - Tokenomics: A New Economy of Art2022-01-12 19:39:40Creative Data And The City 2020-05-22 12:34:25frieze art and architecture summit 20192019-10-06 13:44:51A Blockchain Grey-Paper2019-09-23 16:05:27Eva London 2019 Thursday2019-07-11 21:10:04Eva London 2019 Wednesday2019-07-11 08:24:42develop brighton 20192019-07-09 21:19:52Eva London 2019 Day ONE2019-07-09 09:02:04Mind The Progress 2019 Day 22019-06-16 19:05:10Mind The Progress 20192019-06-13 12:38:53Daowo summit2019-05-28 17:30:23Mrs Barlow goes West2019-04-10 16:06:18Frieze Academy Architecture Conf 20182018-11-01 09:00:29Developconf Brighton 20182018-07-10 18:01:02Mind The Progress2018-06-05 18:38:25Gamesconference 20182018-04-09 12:20:35In loose order2017-11-21 16:39:22Progamming Manifest N.one2017-11-21 16:31:55WebVR is build for the spider2016-12-05 19:37:30American Abstract Expressionsm in the RA2016-10-10 23:08:59Wilfredo Lam in the Tate2016-09-20 01:00:43The nature of the virtual reality2016-09-11 17:42:30Your Gallery VR online2016-08-10 17:42:11Chris Bateman2016-05-12 18:08:40Botanic-Selfie-Stage2016-04-12 10:17:10create your own online editor2016-03-11 18:40:33On one word or two2015-11-24 16:08:15The Kickstarter campaign "Break In The Frame" online2015-11-04 22:59:41Making a kickstarter video2015-10-30 00:56:30Kick In Break In The Frame2015-10-16 20:54:23How to solve the title issue? Back from London2015-09-18 12:03:50Even more brains 2 exit2015-08-05 19:42:51All brains to exit2015-07-21 19:29:06How can rainbow horses improve your story telling?2015-07-08 19:16:53How linear story telling can improve your mobile game2015-07-07 19:33:14GDC 2015 Adventures In Text2015-03-05 07:06:12GDC 2015 indie roundtable2015-03-05 07:02:47Preparing for GDC 20152015-02-27 14:10:34Dev Rush Days2014-08-08 02:24:15Why hints? Why not!2014-07-05 01:24:37Why are you such an uncompromising couple?2014-06-13 02:00:49Challenge accepted, challenge accomplished2014-06-01 18:42:12The GDC2014 is coming2014-03-14 11:01:00Will I finish the game? 2014-03-03 22:30:35Oops, have I done it again?2014-02-09 00:02:37How to puzzle the fuzzle?2014-01-13 18:34:47What will you do? 10 answers and no question.2013-12-18 18:48:21Pigs on fire2013-07-17 00:58:49How to A/B test HTML-pages with google analytics2013-07-03 14:53:23In 8 months is XMas2013-04-24 23:53:52From old to new.2013-03-23 00:01:52Immigration...2013-03-07 17:00:23Code cooking and upcoming steps2013-02-07 16:28:06Just on one word or two or more ...2013-02-06 10:26:26You get what I've promised2013-01-29 17:59:15Updates, bug fixes and missing features2013-01-25 16:42:16IGDA Chapter \nHambug Meetup and a little update2013-01-24 16:31:23Licence changes \nfor the Memo Broad Editor2013-01-23 16:22:42I memorize, you \ncan set the title2013-01-17 18:02:06If you can \nchange it, change it!2013-01-15 16:40:26A call for bug hunting!2012-11-15 10:42:57Join the help2012-07-13 09:14:25Some more \nbasics about the Hogventure Editor2012-06-07 09:27:52New layout for \nthe hogventure homepage2012-06-06 09:00:24Information \nabout me and contact data. 2012-06-04 16:29:51about the html \nbased adventure framework. 2012-06-04 15:49:53preview images \nfrom dogshogs.com2012-06-04 11:41:44Java Adventure \nFramework downloads2012-06-04 10:32:40HOGventure: an \nHTML5 story games editor2012-06-04 08:32:37GDC 2012 San \nFrancisco2012-03-04 13:56:40What does \nmeta-data mean?2011-11-18 16:39:36The features of \nthe image editor2011-11-18 16:34:01What's missing \nfor anorexic aardvark?2011-11-18 16:30:33GDC Europe 2011 \ntalk no.2 wednesday2011-08-17 19:29:54GDC Europe 2011 \ntalk no.1 wednesday2011-08-17 12:52:22GDC Europe 2011 \ntalk no.3 and 4 tuesday2011-08-17 02:07:47GDC Europe 2011 \ntalk no.2 tuesday2011-08-17 01:31:27GDC Europe 2011 \ntalk no.1 tuesday2011-08-17 01:29:25GDC Europe 2011 \ntalk no.72011-08-16 01:11:00GDC Europe 2011 \ntalk no.3 4 6 and 82011-08-16 01:00:08GDC Europe 2011 \ntalk no.52011-08-15 16:17:15GDC Europe 2011 \ntalk no.22011-08-15 15:52:02GDC Europe 2011 \ntalk no.12011-08-15 15:48:06Interactive_Storytelling2010-07-28 12:32:44GDC10SaturdaySession2 Comedy in Games 2010-03-16 01:04:54GDC10SaturdaySession 1 A mysterious adventure in social games2010-03-16 00:42:14First post \nGDC10 Today is PI day2010-03-15 00:34:44GDC \nFridaySession1 What you need to known about casual games in 20102010-03-12 19:59:38Kopenhagen \nUnbehagen2009-12-21 17:57:09Serious \nSwineflu Report By...2009-11-24 17:56:25The little \nthree piggies - Modern Times2009-09-22 22:51:13The three \nlittle piggies retold2009-09-08 00:42:29Just an image2009-09-07 23:21:28GDCE session \nNo1 session No32009-08-17 11:56:11Don Daglow - \nDesigning for a new Audiences2009-08-17 11:37:37Some after \nGDC09 thoughts about emotions in games2009-04-15 17:33:39cookies2007-06-24 17:42:08All articles2007-06-21 19:54:03That's all Folks ...

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METAVERSE IMAGINARIES-Tokenomics-A New Economy of Art

METAVERSE IMAGINARIES-Tokenomics-A New Economy of Art

METAVERSE IMAGINARIES -Tokenomics: A New Economy of Art, part3 just my sketchy protocol

Code cooking and upcoming steps

Code cooking and upcoming steps was my tool of choice during the early development. It is a really cool online service and it make complicated stuff easy to develop. But now firebase announced it's pricing plans for the after beta period. Much to expensive to rely on this furthermore.